Carlyle Aviation Partners launched as a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group—but needed to stand on its own. Our goal was to honor the style we’ve created for The Carlyle Group over the past 20 years with a fresh take for Carlyle Aviation. FCI created a unique, sleek branding program and website that mirrored the signature Carlyle blue while demonstrating expertise in the aviation investment industry.


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We start the logo process with research in order to have a better idea of who we are designing for. When designing the logo for Carlyle Aviation Partners, we were able to use our 20-year history and knowledge of the Carlyle brand to direct our design for Carlyle Aviation. We incorporated the color blue and a simple and sleek look, but we were still able to experiment with aspects of the design for the new company. The finished product was enough of the Carlyle brand balanced with a fresh new style.

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