Over the 15 years that we’ve partnered with this real estate leader, Washington REIT has evolved through changes to its corporate name, its management and its real estate focus. The company’s annual reports, corporate website and marketing collateral all work together to create a compelling and consistent story—and a strong brand.


Logo Design

Annual Reports

Sustainability Report




We designed both logos, creating the “after” when the real estate investment trust wanted to rebrand itself. With the first logo, we honored the client’s wish and incorporated WashREIT’s full title and acronym in a simple way. When it was time for a new logo, we reflected a change in what the company wanted to be known as: WashREIT. The colors and red star emphasize the company’s location in the nation’s capital.

With more focus in the public eye and among shareholders on sustainable companies, it was time for WashREIT to emphasize the positive impact they make with their real estate. We created a sustainability report that conveyed the ways they reduce their carbon footprint—both internally and externally—and promote sustainable living practices in DC. We made sure to highlight key performance indicators that demonstrate the progress. By having as long a relationship as we’ve had with WashingtonREIT, we’ve been able to grow with them; as their needs change, we’ve been given the opportunity to polish our services and stand out as a top sustainability report producer.

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